This Facility Use Agreement (Agreement) is between the University of Washington (UW) and the undersigned Lab User (LABUSER), who is either a student or an employee of the University of Washington, regarding the LAB USER's shared use of Molecular Engineering and Materials Center. For students and staff members, the faculty member responsible for their project is identified below (FACULTY USER).

Laboratory Policy

The LAB USER agrees to review and abide by all laboratory policies as outlined in the user manual:

Although UW provides general safety courses and training on the safe use of specific equipment and processes, the LAB USER assumes responsibility to plan and perform work in such a way as to ensure his/her own personal safety as well as the safety of others in the Facility.


The FACULTY USER acknowledges responsibility for purchases, materials costs and lab fees incurred by the LAB USER in his/her use of the MEM-C facility. A listing of the current fees can be found at:

Any future fee changes in excess of 10% will be made with at least 90 days' notice. The FACULTY USER is responsible for promptly notifying the MEM-C facility operations manager (Jiaqi Cai, if a LAB USER ceases to be a student or employee of UW and is responsible for all fees and costs by such LAB USER until such time as written notice is received by the facility operations manager. Non-payment of fees within sixty (60) days of receipt of invoice will subject the LAB USER and the FACULTY USER to termination of laboratory access with ten (10) days notice to the FACULTY USER.

Limits on Use

the MEM-C facility is a community of professional and student researchers; courteous, professional, responsible behavior is required at all times. Access to the MEM-C facility will not be permitted until such time as the LAB USER has returned an executed User Agreement Form, the User Billing & Information Form, is covered by a Reviewed Research Project that is on file with and approved by the MEM-C facility lab managers, and has completed the mandatory orientation and safety classes for each laboratory tool and process the LAB USER will be using. Access to the MEM-C facility is a privilege and may be suspended, restricted or have conditions placed upon it by UW at any time and for any reason at the discretion of the laboratory manager. New training is required for users who are inactive for more than one quarter or when deemed necessary by the MEM-C facility staff. Use of the MEM-C facility is limited to research and development as described in the Reviewed Research Project; work outside its scope requires submission of an additional project proposal for review and approval by the the MEM-C facility lab managers. Processes with the potential to significantly affect the research of other users or the general operation of the lab are not allowed (e.g., no proprietary chemicals may be brought into the lab). Fabrication of devices or development of other materials for personal or private sale is absolutely prohibited. A LAB USER'S access to the MEM-C facility is contingent upon his or her continuing affiliation with the UW and with a FACULTY USER sponsor. If the LAB USER's affiliation with the faculty sponsor and/or UW ends, his or her access to the MEM-C facility will terminate until such time as a new or renewed affiliation has been established and a new User Agreement Form and User Billing & Information Form is submitted. Sharing of access cards with other users or allowing unauthorized access to the facility is strictly prohibited and are grounds for terminating facility access. Non-authorized persons are prohibited from accompanying, observing, or helping users at work unless specifically approved by the laboratory manager. 

Research, Intellectual, and Personal Property Rights:

The LAB USER acknowledges responsibility for his or her own research and that the MEM-C facility do not in any way warrant or assure project success. Ownership of rights in intellectual property resulting from LAB USER's research shall be governed by the policies of the University of Washington. The LAB USER further acknowledges responsibility for their personal and intellectual property. the MEM-C facility may provide limited, unsecured storage as a courtesy and makes no guarantees against unauthorized access. If a LAB USER’s access to the facilities is terminated, the FACULTY USER is then responsible for removing any personal property within sixty (60) days, or it may be disposed of at the discretion of the MEM-C facility Staff.

Program Reporting Requirements

For any publications and presentations that include work done at the MEM-C Facility, the following sentence is to be included in the acknowledgments section:

"The authors acknowledge the use of facilities and instrumentation supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation through the UW Molecular Engineering Materials Center (MEM-C), a Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (DMR-171797)."

Occasionally MEM-C staff may request input in compiling publication lists and highlighting research done in the integrated labs. Users' cooperation in response to these requests is greatly appreciated.

Term and Termination:

Subject to its other provisions, this Agreement shall commence on the start date below, whichever comes later, and shall automatically renew on July 1 of each year unless previously terminated. UW may terminate this Agreement by giving the FACULTY USER thirty (30) days prior written notice. UW may terminate the agreement by giving ten (10) days' notice in the event of (i) failure to timely pay charges as noted above; or (ii) violation of rules or operating procedures established in the user manual. In the event of such termination, FACULTY USER will only be liable for facility use costs incurred up to the date of termination. No use of the MEM-C facility, NanoES Building, or Equipment shall extend beyond the termination of this Agreement without prior written approval of UW.

Dispute Resolution

The laboratory managers are responsible for continued operation of the facilities. If at any time a user feels unfairly treated by a staff member or that their access was wrongly terminated, they should discuss the situation with the laboratory manager. The sequence of appeals is from the laboratory manager to the faculty director to the College of Engineering Associate Dean for Infrastructure.

The LAB USER and the supervising FACULTY USER warrant that they have fully read and agree with this Agreement. The LAB USER certifies that he/she has read, understands and will abide by all the user manuals in this User Agreement, and the FACULTY USER agrees to be responsible for charges incurred.